Dog Agility Humor

Weevdog Dog Agility Conference on YouTube
Dog Agility Conference

Dog Agility Conference - Agility Talkers, Hippos, and Port-o-Pottys
Weevdog Agility Show on YouTube
Weevdog Agility Show

Covering hard hitting issues like what you do with your 6 dogs for 10 hours on a Saturday or how to make sure you have enough poop bags in your pocket.
An Agility Marriage on YouTube
Married to an Agility Woman

Is it wrong to rebuild parts of your house to make an awesome agility course?
The Agility Woman on YouTube
The Agility Woman

If you think dating is hard, try dating an agility woman.
Agility Woman has no room on YouTube
Agility Woman has no room

Need a ride somewhere? Don't ask an agility woman.


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